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Welcome to my world of poetry.



On these pages you’ll find a collection of my poetry and prose. I have trusted

 my thoughts and feelings to paper for as long as I can remember, but  it is

 only three years ago I seriously became interested in poetry.

I discovered a poetry site “Passions In Poetry” where I participate in the

Poetry Workshop (just one of the many outstanding forums) and discovered

I truly enjoy the challenge of structured writing.

These days I dare to call myself a poet, although it has nothing to do with

structured or unstructured writing, but merely with belief in my own skills.

Among my writing you’ll find a poem co-written with Andrew Scott

a wonderful poet and person, who is also my partner in a hilarious and insane

poetry game we play at Passions In Poetry, called The ‘Stute.

 (My name in this game is Lady in Red.)

Thank you Andrew. I am extremely pleased I am allowed to

 share this excellent poem with the world.

Please stroll through the poems and enjoy your stay here.




All poems are copyright protected. Please respect the rights of the author(s).

If you would like to use poetry from this site on your own web page,

please contact me by e-mail. Thank you.






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